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Bobcaygeon independent    Oct. 22, 1915

Nogie’s Creek

Corespondence of the Independent


      The people of this neighborbood have their root crop nearly all gathered in, so Jack Frost will not be able to do much damage this year.


      Several bears have been prowling around of late and have been helping themselves to apples from the orchards. They are not always satisfied with what they find on the ground, but climb the trees and shake down better ones. This is not very satisfactory for the owners of the orchards as apples have been a light crop in these parts.


      Partridge season having opened up the crack of the rifle is often heard and the sportsmen are enjoying many rambles through the woods.


   The school house has been much improved by the addition of a teachers desk and chairs. Mr. Cullis teacher, expects to attend the teacher's convention in Peterborough the latter part of this Week.


      The stumping machine is busy on Mr. B. Richmond's farm at present. They expect to have about one hundred stumps taken out.  Nothing like having all available land in good working order.


      A jolly crowd motored down from Bobcaygeon on Tuesday evening. Passing through the business section of this big city about nine o’clock, they found only one store open, and decided to call. After the usual treats and a glass of Adam's Ale they were ready for the home trip. The evening was mild and the roads good, so no doubt the young people thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

 Bobcaygeon independent    June 23, 1916

Harvey Council Meets

      The Harvey Council met in the True Blue Hall, Buckhorn, on the 17th inst. pursuant to adjournment, Members all present, Mr. Ingram, Reeve, in the chair, Minutes of the last meeting read and confirmed.

      Robt. Freeburn address the council re blasting a ditch on the hill in front of Archie Fulton’s house.  It was moved by Messrs. Flynn and Graham that Mr. Freeburn be allowed $10.00 for the above purpose. – Cd. (carried)

      Jos. Gillespie addressed the council asking them to get a right of way across part of E half 11, con. 5 to allow him to get out to the Deer Bay road.

      Moved by Allen and Graham, that Flynn and Wilson be a Committee to look up a road for Mr. Gillespie Cd.

      Nat Pierson addressed council re; sale of E pt. 9, con 8 for taxes.   Referred to County Treasurer,

      Moved by Allen, seconded 'by Graham that the Clerk notify Garett Galvin that the township owns a roadway, 66 ft. wide, across lot 1, con.16, Harvey, said roadway being established by by‑law No. 105, passed in 1876 and that the fence now being erected by him trespasses the ab. 66 ft. and that they hereby notify him to remove the said fence or such portion as has been erected, forthwith, or in default the council will be com­pelled to remove same at his expense, and that he will he liable for any damage that may arise from this action. Cd.

    Moved by Flynn and Graham, Geo. Ireland and Mr. Coons to be allowed $5.00 each on their respective beats, being 1915 statute labor uncommuted also that A, Wilson be allowed to expend the $15 unexpended last year.  Cd.

     Moved by Allen and Graham that Wm. Chesney be allowed to do his statute labor on his own road. Cd.

   Moved by Allen and Wilson that W. T. Elliott be appointed to fill the vacancy on the Board of Commissioners of the Harvey Municipal Telephone System until the next annual meeting.

      Moved by Flynn and Graham that Sam Tate be allowed a bonus on 25* rods wire fence on. The N.E. Corner lot 20, con. 14, 30 rods on the W. end of lot 19, con 14 and 30 rods on the E end of lot 18, con  15. Total 85 rods ‑‑‑Cd.

     Moved by Graham and Wilson that whereas by petition in or about the year 1904 and filed in the office of the Crown Lands Department at the city of Toronto, this council requested that lot 18 in the 8th con. of the Twp. of Harvey be withdrawn from sale for an indefinite period and whereas owing to the existing circumstances, it is not requisite that this lot should be further withdrawn from sale therefore this council is of opinion that no person would be in any way prejudiced by the said lot by the said lot being now patented, and it is desirous of with drawing all objection to the patenting thereof  ‑ Cd.

  Orders were drawn on the Treasurer as follows:  Harvey Mun: Tel. System, messages 1.60; Sam Tate, 85 rods wire fence, 21.25; A. Wilson, to expend on roads, 15.00.

      Council adjourned to meet Monday, Aug 21st .,[1916] at Nogies Creek Schoolhouse.






Bobcaygeon independent   June 23 1916

Thornton Boyd Killed in Action

Thornton Boyd is dead.  The sad news came this Tuesday morning to Mr. W. T. C. Boyd and family that Thornton, who had enlist in the Princess Pats last fall, had been killed in action. The sorrow which is upon the whole town can hardly be described, and it is entirely needless to say here that. Thornton Boyd was one of the most highly respected, of our young men.  It was not the writer's privilege to have known him but briefly, but having frequently met him during that short time, we can warmly second, the sincere remarks of the townspeople. He was a science graduate of McGill University and a prince among his fellows.  He served his King and country as a private.

































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